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Our Team Is Vaccinated!
Doula Care During COVID

Birth First Doulas is committed to meeting your needs for support, information, advocacy, and connection during the pandemic and we are proud to announce that our entire team of doulas is fully vaccinated! At Birth First, we believe in science and we believe the vaccine saves lives. We are thrilled to be offering in-person doula services at hospitals, birth centers, and home births, and in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, our team is committed to mask-wearing and staying updated on COVID vaccinations. Learn more about how having a doula can help you to have a calmer, safer, more confident birth experience.

We Put You First

At Birth First Portland Doulas, we know what matters most is the health of you and your baby. We also know that your experience of this journey matters! That’s what Birth First Doulas is all about: putting you, your family, and your birth, first! Let us provide the individualized care that helps you have a more positive and satisfied birth experience.

Our Portland Doulas

Birth First Doulas is proud to offer some of the most experienced, most trusted, and most loved doulas in the Portland metro area! All of our doulas have had advanced certified trainings and are vetted and individually selected for their professionalism and high quality of birth doula care. Our doulas also have a range of experience levels to fit your budget and a variety of personalities to fit your family’s style. If you’re not sure which doula is right for you, our Doula Matchmaker can help narrow it down to find the perfect match!

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Your Birth, Your Way

Birth First Portland Doulas believes in you! That’s why our birth doulas are agenda-free and never assume there’s a “right” way to give birth. Your goals are our goals, so no matter how your baby enters into this world (unmedicated birth, epidural assisted birth, or cesarean birth), our doulas will support your family’s decisions 100%. Each doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support so you’ll have all the tools you need to navigate the medical system, birth your baby, and make informed decisions all along the way.

Portland Doula Care

A birth doula is professionally trained in how to support your family during pregnancy, labor, birth, and immediate postpartum. Doulas do not perform any medical procedures but instead provide you with continuous emotional, physical, and informational support.The important role of a doula in helping to create better birth outcomes for families is widely acknowledged in Portland area hospitals and birth centers. As a result, doulas are welcomed into the birth room and considered a vital member of your support team. Having a doula by your side is like having a childbirth educator, supportive cheerleader, and trusted confidant all wrapped up into one familiar expert who works just for you! Our Birth First Portland Doulas normalize the process, minimize the stress, provide guidance, and take the pressure off of your partner so they can be more present and involved. The relationship of trust created with a doula helps families to feel more calm, confident, and empowered as they enter into childbirth and parenthood. Birth doulas do not have an agenda, give advice, or assume there is a “right” way to give birth. Your goals are their goals, and they offer education and information so you can make informed decisions that are congruent with your family’s needs and values.

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The Role Of Doula Advocacy

Advocacy is an important aspect of doula care. The Evidence Based Birth website defines doula advocacy as “supporting the birthing person in their right to make decisions about their own body and baby,” and we fully embrace this definition. Your doula’s role as an advocate is to make sure you’re aware of the choices available, to create space so you can make decisions without feeling pressured, and to help ensure that medical providers practice informed consent and respect your decisions. Our doulas don’t make decisions for you or impose their own values, but they do make sure that your voice is being heard. Having a Birth First Doula in your corner ensures that there is at least one birth professional in the room who works just for you, knows your family’s unique hopes and goals, and is dedicated entirely to protecting and improving your experience.

Doula Support For Partners

At Birth First Doulas we know there’s no replacement for the love and intimacy that you share with your partner but even the most attentive partner may be a little overwhelmed by the birth process and environment. A doula provides partners with all the support they need to feel successful on the childbirth journey including normalizing the process, encouraging them to stay close and involved, reminding them of comfort techniques, explaining what to expect next, encouraging them to take breaks, and much more! Whether your birth partner is a spouse, a family member, or a friend, a doula will allow them to feel less pressured and more relaxed. Let Birth First Doulas hold the details so your birth partner can hold the love!

Childbirth Classes for Birth Partner's in Portland

Why Providers Trust Our Portland Doulas

Birth First Doulas is proud of the fact that many of our clients are referred by Portland, Oregon midwives, obstetricians, nurses, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. Our unrivaled reputation over the last 25 years is built on professionalism and an unwavering dedication to working collaboratively with medical providers so you can enjoy a genuinely supportive team atmosphere during pregnancy, labor, and birth. The delicate balance of respecting the expertise of your medical providers while simultaneously advocating for your rights, choices, and preferences is part of what makes our doula service one of the most trusted and well-respected in town.

Portland Doula Testimonials

What People Are Saying About Us

“Look no further. You have found your doulas. As first time parents, we appreciated every ounce of guidance Birth First Doulas had to give. Our doulas were the absolute perfect balance of bold and nurturing. Their compassion and confidence were an incredible resource for us, and through a long labor that ended with a bang, our doulas were there to help support the both of us. I highly recommend Birth First Doulas, and if we have a second baby we’ll be sure to have them by our side again.”

Lindsay & Drew, N Portland, Oregon

“My husband and I agree that hiring a Birth First Doula was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. They are experts in the field, tremendously kind, supportive, accommodating, and skilled. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Meghan & Tim, NE Portland, Oregon

“We were blown away by Birth First Doulas’ professionalism and demeanor and instantly felt at ease. They completed our team and we are extraordinarily grateful to have had them woven into our birth story.”

Stephanie & Elliot, Beaverton, Oregon