Portland Certified Doula Kim Kovac

Kim Kovac, Portland Doula

Birth stories will forever captivate me in their ability to span the spectrum of what pregnancy, labor and birth can look like, feel like and be. They are stories that are transformational and deeply personal, and I consider it a gift to be invited into each birth I attend. As a certified doula, I get to hold space and support your journey in its unique and exquisite form. When I meet with you prenatally we have the opportunity to explore your birth vision, delve into postpartum planning and to build trusting, heart-centered relationships, all of which allow me to better anticipate your needs when the time comes to meet your baby. During your labor I am prepared to support you and your partner using emotional and physical comfort measures, and by complimenting the strengths that you already have within you. My approach to birth work is grounded in intuition, tradition and evidence based information. I believe pregnancy, labor and birth should be supported by informed choice and a caring birth team, and I am dedicated to being present at all births with tenderness, patience and revelry. My hope is that I can help you to find softness in your strength and ease in your efforts. Birth is a sacred passage that brings us to a place of intrinsic growth, a place that demands our attention and our self-compassion. It is in this place that I intend to meet you.
Originally from Hawaii, I’ve made many stops along my life’s journey before settling here in the Pacific Northwest. I love calling Portland my home! I am the mother of two incredible beings who remind me to see the magic in the mundane. I love a perfect cup of tea, impromptu dance parties, and can often be found gardening in the sunshine or rain. I may have even gardened in the snow once or twice!



Certified Doula, Birthingway College of Midwifery


Yoga Way to Birth, Childbirth Educator Training and Apprenticeship


Spinning Babies Training with Tammy Ryan


Adult and Pediatric CPR / First Aid / AED Certification


Acupressure and Massage Therapy Training, San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork


MS degree in Educational Leadership and Policy, Portland State University

Areas Of Specialty


Unmedicated Birth, Out Of Hospital Birth, Water Birth


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)


IVF Pregnancy


Single Parent Support


Medical Induction


LGBTQIA+ Families


Trauma Informed Care


Survivors Of Sexual Abuse


First Aid & CPR


Body Positive


Rebozo, Massage, Acupressure, Spinning Babies


Childbirth Education





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Kim’s Testimonials

Kim was an incredible addition to my birthing team. She kept all of my desires in mind during my daughter’s birth and with her help I was able to deliver without any medical interventions. Kim was calm, patient, kind, and attentive in our pre-labor meetings and even more so during delivery. She guided me through every painful contraction, reminded me how to breathe, and showed me how to use the power of my body to birth my beautiful baby girl. She was amazingly attuned to me and my subtle cues, helping me move around the birthing room to minimize my discomfort. She guided me with kindness and positivity, she used massage and touch to calm me, and she distracted me from my doubts. I am so, so grateful for Kim’s presence before and during my birthing experience. I highly recommend her services to anyone embarking on their birthing journey. Not only was Kim our wonderful doula, I now consider her part of our family!”

Megan & Rick, se portland

Kim was an incredible support to us for the birth of our second baby! We were also her first birth as a doula, though you would never have known it! Kim went above and beyond to support me physically, emotionally and spiritually through the process, even bringing me cedar branches to the hospital. Her touch was one of the only things that kept me grounded during my fast and furious labor. She was always there when I needed her, but also so intuitive and respectful with my time with my husband and with our baby. And thank god she was able to remember to take pictures when my baby came way faster than any of us expected! I will always be grateful to her, and she’ll be an incredible support to anyone bringing tiny humans into this world.”

claire & paul, nE Portland

“When I think of the support I received from Kim, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Each time she visited me prenatally and in postpartum, she was incredibly supportive, thoughtful and sincere. As someone who has also trained as a birth doula, I was very impressed with Kim’s knowledge and professional approach. She showed me warmth and connected with me in a way that allowed me to feel super comfortable. In addition, she worked her butt off during my labor and delivery!! Kim is as tough as she is sweet! I would recommend her as a doula with a thousand shining gold stars. She truly has a gift for this work.”

Vivi, Sw Portland

“We are forever grateful to have chosen Kim as our doula! She was deeply knowledgable, warm, grounding and physically powerful presence during the most unpredictable experience of our lives. She was not only a huge support for me, but also a great teammate for my partner as we navigated a tough labor. She is truly a gem. Thank you Kin and BFD!”

NICOLE, Portland

As first time parents with an identical twin pregnancy, with no family in town and only my husband for support, we ( I ) was terrified! It was a serendipitous encounter where Kim and I were able to connect as momma to be and doula… On my induction day, Kim was there as soon as we called for her. She was my advocate for asking questions I forgot or didn’t know to ask in the hospital… she guided me through induced contractions reminding me that each one is closer to meeting my girls. Kim was always one step ahead of me, knowing when to readjust my pillows, when I needed support for pain and when to get up and move … Kim is a compassionate intuitive birthing guide. This is truly her calling! I am so thrilled she played such a huge part in a very wonderful birth experience. If we decide to expand our family I will definitely make sure Kim is my doula again!”

liz & matt, NE Portland

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