Professional Doulas in Portland, Oregon

Rebecca Durlin Smith and Brooke Noli created Birth First Doulas to help families and doulas find each other! Discover for yourself why Birth First Doulas has the most 5 Star Google Reviews of any professional doula group in Portland!

Brooke Noli & Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas
Brooke Noli & Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Supporting Doulas & Educators So They Can Support You!

Portland, Oregon has a rich community of doulas and at Birth First we believe doulas are at their best personally and professionally when they’re part of a supportive, structured community.

All of our professional doulas have access to a built-in network of back-up doulas, collegial support, opportunities for continuing education, and mentoring from some of the most experienced doulas and doula trainers in town.

In addition to our doula services, the Birth First Education Center is dedicated to helping your family thrive before, during, and after the birth of your baby by meeting your needs for information, education, and community. We created the Birth First Education Center to be a welcoming space where new and expecting families can find in-person education, support, and community all under one roof.

Our goal is to contribute to positive pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting experiences while also supporting the most experienced birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and childbirth educators in Portland.

Our Mission

Birth First Doulas’ mission is to provide professional doula services to growing families, contribute to positive childbirth experiences, promote the rights and autonomy of birthing people, nurture the professional experience and continuing education of doulas, and uplift the doula profession as a whole.

Our Values

Birth First Doulas’ values include non-judgemental support for every family and birth experience, communicating respectfully and mindfully, nurturing doulas both professionally and personally, and fostering a spirit of community and abundance.

The Birth First Approach to Doula Care

We honor

your birth and postpartum experiences as transformative life events.

We believe

there are as many ways to give birth and parent as there are families in the world.

We practice

informed consent so you can make well-informed decisions.

We encourage

your distinct birthing and parenting style and offer complimentary suggestions.

We respect

your family’s identities, beliefs, preferences, and communication styles.

We support

your relationship to promote teamwork and success throughout the process.

We recognize

that birth and parenting can be unpredictable and may need openness and flexibility.

We appreciate

medical providers for their expertise and respectfully advocate for your family.

We understand

that your family, birth, and postpartum are unique and deserve individualized care.

Dedicated To Becoming An Anti-Oppressive Organization

Racism and white supremacy are forces that have shaped all of us and need to be actively resisted and fought against. At Birth First Doulas, we are committed to becoming an anti-oppressive organization and fighting white supremacy culture in ourselves, others, and the systems with which we engage. We strive to build a more just, compassionate, and equitable workplace that reduces harm and values belonging.

Dedicated To Becoming A Queer Affirming Organization

Birth work and reproductive spaces have been dominated by cis-heteronormative cultures that tend to exclude queer experiences and discriminate against the queer community. Birth First Doulas is dedicated to the affirmation of LGBTQ+ families and doulas to create a community of belonging that honors and celebrates people who identify along the queer spectrum.

Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

Birth First Doulas is great! They took such care in helping me set up interviews and match with the right doula for me. My doula empowered me throughout my pregnancy and she was right by my side through the ups and downs of my birth. She helped keep me in the loop when things got a little complicated and uncertain in the birth room and made me feel so safe and secure. I highly recommend adding a Birth First Doula to your team! You will be so happy you did.

Camille, Portland, Oregon

10/10 recommend!! My husband and I hit the jackpot with Birth First Doulas. From the start they took our needs and wants into consideration to help match us with our doula, who was an instant fit with our family. She was warm, kind, funny and ALWAYS there to support us in all the right ways. Every time I talk about my pregnancy and birth, I share how grateful we were to have had our doula by our side during the most important time in our lives.

Hannah, Portland, Oregon

All of the glowing 5-star reviews are true – working with Birth First Doulas was definitely one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Every member of the team is kind, responsive and very supportive throughout the whole process. I really enjoyed the doula match-making process and we are forever grateful for the experience our Birth First doula provided us with during the birth of our first child. Amazing experience all around!

Cornelia, Portland, Oregon