Meet Our

Portland Doulas

Birth First has some of the most experienced doulas in Portland and we pride ourselves on offering a diversity of doulas to fit each family’s needs. All of our doulas have completed certified trainings, have a range of experience levels to fit your budget, and a variety of personalities to fit your family’s style. Contact us today to begin the process of finding your perfect doula match!

Doula Team
Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Rebecca Durlin Smith (she/her)

I absolutely love being of service as a doula! I have said yes to my true calling for over a decade and am honored to have provided birth doula care to over 300 families. In addition to being a certified doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga teacher, I am also a placenta specialist, doula mentor for the Mother Tree Doula Internship program, and co-founder of Birth First Doulas.

Trina Baumgartner (she/her)

I believe that with support, all birthing people can feel loved through their transformation – they can seek their biggest selves, discover home and bravery from within, and welcome their babies into this world with grace and glory. As a doula and an educator, I am passionate about whole-heartedly supporting you through your process of preparing for birth and parenthood and holding space for this transformation.

Alison Akan (she/her)

I’m an advocate of equality to all. As your birth doula, I will be there to ensure you are respected, supported, and empowered during your journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. No matter the labor and birth environment, I will help you through with emotional, evidence based, and physical comfort measures. I’m an American with Puerto Rican ancestry but moved to Sweden at the age of twelve.

Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Tallina Long (she/her)

As your friendly neighborhood doula, I strive to assist my clients where they are with a little humor and a lot of support. I love to serve Portland families of any stripe, creed, religion, or size and have a special place in my heart for LGBTQ+ families. Encouraging new parents to find their way through labor and birth, get some sleep in the postpartum, and develop community are some of my strengths.

Crystal Broer (she/her)

As a doula, my goal is to be a calm and informed presence in the room providing comfort not only to the birthing person but also to the loved ones supporting the birth experience. My overarching intention as a doula is to stand beside the birthing person, support their beliefs and desires, and ensure that the memory of birth is positive and cherished so it can be looked back on fondly for a lifetime.

Sarah-Denise Elolaimi (she/her)

I am the oldest of eight children and have witnessed birth since the age of nine. I am a mother of three and come from a Palestinian American background. I am partly bilingual, speaking Arabic and English, and I’ve spent my life traveling to and from the Middle East. I take great pride in working with the BIPOC community and firmly believe that knowledge is power.

Giselle Edwards (she/her)

The act of childbirth is jaw dropping every time, and as your doula, I am here to support you so you can fully appreciate the wonder of your own birth story. I want to listen to your expectations and help fill in the gaps of the unknown so you can feel empowered entering the hospital. My goal is to advocate for you in any way I can and explore the options that will give you the most positive birth experience.

Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Ashley Fryer (she/her)

I often describe working with me like working with your big sister’s cool friend – there’s not much you could say that would shock me, I know all the best secrets, and I don’t bring any of the baggage your actual sister might. My sense of humor is dry and my approach is spiritually grounded and empathic. My intention is to provide families with the space and support to grow in the unique way that is right for them.

Rebekka Maye (she/her)

My life experience as a mother of three has enriched my doula work by helping me to become a more empathetic, intuitive, and active listener. My goal as your doula is to hold space for you, provide comfort physically and emotionally, and encourage you to listen to your intuition as you navigate this journey called birth. My specialties areas include evidence based information, trauma informed care, and breastfeeding support.

Kathy McLean (she/her)

Ever since I can remember, I have loved being around pregnant people and babies. As your doula, I will help guide you to the outcome you are hoping for and help navigate when uncertainty presents itself. I believe that all families need support before, during, and after birth to create the foundation necessary to raise a child. My hope is to empower you and be a source of compassionate enthusiasm every step of the way.

Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Liz Haebe (she/her)

The first time I was in a birthing room, it felt like home. For me, being a doula is all about offering comfort, personalization, and meeting the birthing person where they are. If you want me down on the ground with you, that’s right where I’ll be. My goal is to make your birth the best possible experience for you and your family, while also offering support and information so you can feel empowered.

Heidi Long (she/her)

I have dedicated myself to this line of heartfelt work because I believe that an empowering and beautiful birth is possible with the right support. I understand the unpredictable and wonderfully unique nature of each birth and am honored to guide all my clients with deep listening, specialized care, and a calm presence in order to support the newest beginnings, from pregnancy to postpartum.

Krissie Oliver (she/her)

My goal is for each client to feel supported in their personal experience, recognizing that each labor journey has its own unique path to birth. My background in massage therapy allows me to offer soothing comfort touch to clients and hold space for the emotional components that may arise. I also truly enjoy sharing resources and handouts to help clients learn as much as they may want.

Brooke Noli (she/her)

I’ve been honored to support over 600 families on their childbirth journeys and find immense joy in the special connection created within the doula relationship. My primary goals as a doula are to ensure that you and your partner feel heard, respected, supported, and informed each step of the way, and to offer individualized care tailored to your unique needs and hopes.

Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

We have so much love and appreciation for Birth First Doulas! We are beyond grateful to have found our doula and honestly can’t imagine this journey without her!! She was absolutely incredible and brought such a joyful and positive energy to the room, which is much needed during the different ups and downs of pregnancy/labor and beyond. Throughout pregnancy she provided so many wonderful resources to ensure we were making informed decisions and felt prepared for not just the labor, but how to thrive once the baby was here. I had an unmedicated out of hospital birth and she was by my side supporting me the entire time – I truly believe I was successful in sticking to my birth plan because of her (though as I learned nothing will go as planned so it’s important to be flexible!). She 110% supported my decisions without judgement, which really allowed me to trust my intuition and not second guess myself. I could go on and on about our wonderful birth doula, we are so grateful to Birth First Doulas for helping us find her!!

Dalia, Portland, Oregon

We were so lucky that Birth First matched us with our doula! From the start she was responsive, full of suggestions and ideas, and took the time to get to know us and really listen to our hopes and wants. She provided resources and information and checked in regularly to see how things were going. When our pregnancy and delivery circumstances changed, she was there every step of the way and did everything she could do make sure we were taken care of as a family. She provided a ton of emotional support as well as practical advice and reassurance. During labor and delivery, her calming nature and capable presence were fantastic to have guiding us, and it was such a relief to have her coordinating with nurses, helping us advocate for our desires, and giving us suggestions to keep things moving. Postpartum, our doula continued to be such a huge help and support person as we navigated this new journey – giving tips and tricks for newborn care. We appreciate her so much and can’t imagine having had any other doula by our side!

Hallie, Portland, Oregon

Choosing Birth First Doulas was one of the best decisions my husband and I could’ve ever made for our journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It was through Birth First that we found our amazing doula, and from the moment we hired her, she was so attentive, supportive, and extremely helpful. She was full of knowledge surrounding pregnancy and birth. She always responded in a timely manner and never once did she forget to follow up when she said she would! She made us feel very seen and cared for throughout the entire journey of becoming first time parents. She made what could’ve been a traumatic experience into one of the most positive experiences in our lives. The day our daughter made her journey Earthbound is now a memory we cherish and love to relive very often. Our doula did everything she possibly could to comfort us both during uncharted waters. If you are looking for a highly professional and nurturing doula to join your birth team, we HIGHLY recommend Birth First Doulas and all that they offer their clients!

Randee, Portland, Oregon