Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Premier Doula Package

Our Premier Doula Package is the ultimate all-inclusive doula experience! This deluxe service provides you with everything you’ll need to pamper yourself at each stage of the childbearing year. If you’re looking for optimal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support from Portland’s best doulas, then look no further! Our Premier Package includes online and in-person classes, birth doula services, postpartum doula services, lactation consultant visits, pregnancy and postpartum massages, and parent support groups. Growing a baby is hard work, give yourself the gift of everything you’ll want one streamlined bundle!

 Birth Doula Package

The Full Doula Package is our most popular package and offers one of the most comprehensive labor and birth doula services in the Pacific Northwest. It is designed to provide you and your partner with high quality birth doula support throughout your journey. The Birth Doula Package includes matchmaking and interviews, birth and newborn classes that are free or discounted, prenatal appointments, on-call services from 37-42 weeks, in-home early labor support, hands-on active labor support, hospital advocacy, photos of the day your baby is born, postpartum visits, discounts on specialty services, and much more! Learn how this package can improve your labor and birth experience.

Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Half Doula Package

Our Half Doula Package is for families who aren’t looking for hands-on doula support during labor but still want all the prenatal and postpartum care that a seasoned professional doula can provide. This affordable package contains our entire line-up of rerecorded birth and newborn classes, a 50% discount on our in-person class, three prenatal appointments, one postpartum appointment, and weekly parent support groups. The Half Doula package provides all the tips, tools, guidance, and support you’ll need to prepare for childbirth and support you through the postpartum.

Doula Consultation Package, Portland Oregon

Doula Consultations

If you want to meet with a highly seasoned doula to discuss birthing locations, create a birth plan, get insider information on labor progression and comfort techniques, know how to advocate for yourself at the hospital, prepare for a medical induction or planned cesarean, dig deep into a particular topic or concern, or just want someone who will take the time to really listen to all of your questions and provide you with evidence based information and options, then Doula Consultations may be a great option for you!


If you and your partner are looking for education to prepare and guide you through the childbearing year, then our Classes cover all the bases! We have a variety of classes taught by childbirth educators, newborn care specialists, and lactation consultants, and they are offered in a various formats including in-person, live on zoom, and recorded on-demand.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placentas are amazing and your placenta belongs to you! If you are interested in encapsulating your placenta to make use of its medicinal benefits or if you want to donate your placenta to Search & Rescue, we can hook you up! Please link below to learn more about the options available to you, how placenta encapsulation works, the benefits of placenta medicine, and more!