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The Half Doula Package

If you’re not looking for on-call labor support but still want all the tips, tools, and guidance that a seasoned professional doula provides, then our Half Doula Package is the perfect fit for you! This affordable package allows you to form a connection with one of our amazing doulas and get all the support and information you could want leading up to your birth experience as well as after your baby is born. The Half Doula Package includes:

• 3 Prenatal Appointments

Each prenatal appointments lasts 60-90 minutes which provides ample room for connection and to talk through your childbirth options, identify your hopes and goals, understand the policies and procedures of your hospital or birth center, create a personalized birth plan, learn comfort measures and progression techniques, prepare for after the baby is born, and much more!

• Our Entire Lineup Of Classes

As part of the Half Doula Package you are given free access to our entire lineup of Birth First Doulas’ Classes, including The Stages Of Labor Crash Course, Labor & Birth Comfort Techniques, Newborn Basics 101, Newborn Feeding Basics, and Newborn Sleep Class which are taught by childbirth educators, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and sleep trainers.

• 1 Postpartum Appointment

This 60-90 minute appointment happens after your baby is born and your back home. It is focused on processing your birth experience, answering your newborn and breastfeeding questions, reviewing your recovery, discussing your transition into parenthood, providing useful resources and referrals, and much more!

• New Parent Support Group

When you buy the Doula Half Package you are also given access to our weekly Nurturing Circles For Growing Families support group where you can be in community with other new parents and pregnant couples and get questions answered by professional postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and sleep trainers.

FEE: $600

Doula Consultations

Many pregnant people want to dig deeper into specific topics or have a list of questions they want to discuss with a birth professional. Consultations provide you with an opportunity to have a one hour meeting with Brooke Noli or Rebecca Durlin Smith (co-owners of Birth First Doulas with 20+ years of doula and counseling experience) to focus in on whatever is most important to you and your partner.
FEE: $80/session

Here are some potential topics that could be discussed during doula consultations:

• Understanding Your Birth-Related Options

Portland has a rich birth culture that provides individuals and couples with a wide array of doula service options. All of this choice is empowering, but it can also be a bit overwhelming! For instance, you can decide to have your baby at a hospital, birth center, or at home. If you elect to give birth in a hospital, there are several to choose from each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can hire a doctor, nurse-midwife, naturopathic midwife, or direct-entry midwife as your medical provider, and there is also the option of having a birth doula to assist you. Unmedicated birth, water birth, epidural assisted birth, and cesarean birth are all options, and there are many other choices to be made along the way. Consultations can help you understand and sift through all of these various choices so you can decide on the direction that’s right for you, your family, and your specific set of circumstances.

• Creating a Birth “Plan”

You can’t plan how your baby’s birth is going to unfold because there are always some unexpected twists and turns along the way that require flexibility. However, creating a birth plan can nonetheless be an excellent tool for expecting parents and their medical providers. A birth plan can be useful as an educational tool to help you better understand what to expect at the hospital, the kinds of choices you have, and how to advocate for yourself. Consultations are used to help you design a personalized plan that lists your specific goals and requests so that medical providers will better understand your preferences.

• Developing A Mindset For Labor & Birth

Whether you want to better understand the stages of labor, learn practical and effective coping strategies, or prepare mentally and spiritually for the experience of labor and birth, a consultation can help. Maybe you’re trying to figure out which type of childbirth education class is the best fit for you and your partner. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a rundown on the “tried and true” techniques that have been helping people with contractions for centuries. Or maybe you want to dive in more deeply to explore what this transformative path has to offer and how to cultivate a mindset that will serve as a strong foundation from which you can draw. Whatever your goals, we can get you started.

• Postpartum Planning & Support

When asked, “Are you ready for the baby to arrive?” many expecting parents begin to scan the list of things they still need to buy or the co-sleeper that still needs assembling. While having appropriate baby gear is essential, many other considerations and preparations can influence how the first weeks and months unfold with your newborn. The postpartum can be a delicate time – your lifestyle, relationships, and hormones will be changing. A consultation can help you set up appropriate support systems and get you mentally and emotionally prepared for this profound shift in lifestyle.

• Welcoming Baby #2

So you’ve been in love with your first-born for a while now, and you’re excited that another baby is on the way, but you’re starting to wonder how the transition from one to two children is going to work. Who will take care of your first-born when you go into labor? How will you help your first-born ease into this big transition? What will you do when the baby needs to nurse and your toddler needs your full attention? Consultations can help you find answers to these types of questions and sustainable solutions for your growing family.

Birth Only Support

Traditional doula support includes building a trusting relationship throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but not every family wants or needs that level of wrap-around care. If you aren’t looking for pregnancy and postpartum support but do want a doula to be on-call for your birth and provide you with suggestions, informational support, advocacy, and comfort techniques while you’re in labor, then the Birth Only Support package might be a great fit for you and your family. To find out more about how this package works, please contact us!
FEE: $900

Birth Partner Boot Camp

Partners, this is your chance to shine! If you can’t have a doula with you because of COVID-19 or doula support was just never a part of the plan, this is your chance to learn everything you need to know about how to doula your sweetheart through the entire childbirth experience. This Boot Camp consists of 3 appointments (60 minutes each) with Brooke Noli and Rebecca Durlin Smith, co-owners of Birth First Doulas with 27+ years of professional doula experience. To find out more about what’s included in this package and how it works, please write us a note, we’d love to hear from you!
FEE: $300

Transitioning To A Home Birth Mindset

In response to COIVID-19, many people are deciding to birth their baby at home or in an independent birth center. These out-of-hospital options offer ample opportunities for beautiful and empowering birth experiences to unfold, but there’s a lot more to creating a positive birth experience than choosing an out-of-hospital location. It’s equally important for couples to develop a “home birth mindset” that will help you prepare for and lean into this unique journey. This package consists of 3 sessions with Brooke Noli, who trained and apprenticed as a home birth midwife, has 20+ years of professional doula experience, and has worked as a counselor specializing in the childbearing year for the last 12 years. To find out more about how this package works, please drop us a note!
FEE: $300

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