Birth Doula

Our Doula Package Includes:

Free Matchmaking

If you need some guidance on how to find the right doula, our matchmaker is there to help! She will be able to answer all of your questions and get a better understanding of what you are looking for in a doula to help you narrow down the options and ensure you interview with doulas who are likely to be a good fit. We offer some culturally specific care as well as doula care for the LGBTQ+ community in Portland.

Free Interviews

Once some matches are made, interviews are set up so you can meet with the doulas, discuss their services and style, explore your reasons for wanting doula care, and determine who will be the best fit for you and your family.

Prenatal Visits

A trusting relationship is the foundation of doula care. Prenatal visits provide a chance to build your relationship, talk about your hopes and goals, discuss hospital policies, create a personalized birth plan, review comfort measures, and much more.

Ongoing Contact

Your doula is available via text, email, phone, and video as needed throughout the journey to answer your questions, provide reassurance, and help you weigh up your options.

Childbirth Education Classes

Birth First clients get to attend our Stages Of Labor Crash Course, Labor & Birth Techniques, and Live Q&A classes for free! These offerings ($160 value) are open to the entire Portland community and provide opportunities for education, community, and connection. Learn everything you need to know about the stages of labor, comfort measures, labor progression, and much more.

Newborn Care Classes

Birth First clients get to attend our Newborn Care Class, Newborn Feeding Class, and Newborn Sleep Class for free! These popular classes ($260 value) are open to the larger Portland community and taught by certified postpartum doulas from Bridgetown Baby and certified sleep trainers from Full Circle Sleep.

On-Call Services

When you reach out, your doula will promptly reply. It’s so simple but so important to know that a compassionate and knowledgeable doula is just a text, phone call, or video away. Being on-call means your doula has her cell phone on at all times and she’ll answer her phone 24/7 once you reach 37 weeks.

Back-Up Services

In the unlikely event that your doula happens to be ill when you go into labor, Birth First has a wide net of back-up doulas to draw from so you’re sure to have the support you need. We’ve got you covered!

In-Home Early Labor Support

For those who want to labor in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible and avoid going to the hospital too soon, your doula’s presence can be especially reassuring and help get you into a rhythm that sets the tone for the entire journey. Your doula can normalize the labor process, keep things calm so you can feel safe and secure at home, offer tips on progression and comfort techniques, give your parter breaks, and help you determine when to transition to the hospital or birth center.

Hands-On Active Labor Support

During active labor at the hospital, birthing center, or home, your doula can assist with all of the following: normalizing the labor process for you and your partner; physical comfort techniques and coping methods; mental and emotional encouragement; support and coaching for your birth partner; facilitating communication with your medical team; making sure your voice and preferences are heard; labor progression techniques; optimal fetal positioning; and much more!

Photos Of The Day Your Baby Is Born

If you’re interested in capturing memorable moments during your labor, the birth of your baby, or those golden first hours with your baby, your doula can help by taking photos and videos with your own devices to ensure that you have lasting visual memories for years to come.

Immediate Postpartum & Breastfeeding Support

After your baby is born, your doula remains available for 1-2 hours to assist with breastfeeding, encourage family bonding, and remind pediatric staff of your newborn preferences and decisions.

Postpartum Visits

Once you’re home and nesting in with your baby, your doula provides transitional support focused on processing the birth experience, discussing your transition into parenting, answering newborn care questions, reviewing your recovery, assisting with breastfeeding, and anything else you want to check in about or need resources for.

Nurturing Circles For Growing Families

Birth First clients can attend our weekly “Nurturing Circle For Growing Families” for free! This group offers a soft place for pregnant and new parents to land and be in community with other pregnant people, new parents, and babies. The group is facilitated by professional postpartum doulas and lactation consultants from Bridgetown Baby.

Discounts On Specialty Services

Birth First clients receive discounts on a variety of speciality services such as postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, massage, acupuncture, photography, and much more! These services are offered by some of the best prenatal and postpartum practitioners in town.

Postpartum Resources

In addition to free attendance at our weekly Nurturing Circle For Growing Families, your doula is available for several weeks after delivery for informational support by phone, email, and text to help answer questions and provide you with excellent Portland-metro resources and referrals.



Counseling For Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum Transitions

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are exciting and tender times of transition. Your body is stretching, your identity is expanding, your relationships are shifting. You are quite literally embodying a new phase of life and all of this change, vulnerability, and uncertainty can be overwhelming. It takes courage to become a parent, and it takes support. Birth First Doulas is affiliated with Brooke Noli Counseling which offers a protected space where you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings, reflect on your experiences and choices, and discover ways to minimize stress and maximize on your strengths and resiliency.

Placenta Services

Some of our doulas encapsulate placentas, but we are also affiliated with Portland Professional Birth Services, Portland’s most trusted placenta processing company.

Postpartum Doula Services

Many of our Birth First Portland Doulas offer postpartum services, so if you’re wanting a doula who can provide both services, just let us know. Birth First is also affiliated with Bridgetown Baby, which is the premier postpartum doula agency in town. Birth First Doulas has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Bridgetown Baby that allows us to offer seamless wrap-around care to our shared clients.