Birth & PostpartumEducation Center

The Birth First Doulas Center is located in SW Portland, Oregon. It is conveniently located right off the I-5, just across the street from the Burlingame Fed Meyer between Hillsdale and Multnomah Village.

Birth First Center
Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Portland Perinatal Classroom & Studio

Our Birth First Doulas Center is a collaborative venue and our goal is to provide beautiful, functional, and accessible community space and teaching opportunities for practitioners to share their offerings with the Portland birth and postpartum community. Our mission is to be a heart-led and community-focused perinatal education, wellness, and movement center where providers and clients alike may thrive. We provide the space and the clients – let’s work synergistically to share our passions!

The Birth First Doulas Center Prioritizes Safety

In order to keep our clients, students, providers, and educators safe, we take seriously our protocols for sanitation and space use – always. We respect the honored role of facilitating the use of our education space by providing clear communication about our protocols and by requiring all who use the space to adhere to them.

Portland Classroom & Studio

Social Media:  We want all events held at the Birth First Doulas Center to thrive! With that goal in mind, we help promote events by posting it our Instagram and Facebook Events page.

Set-Up & Breakdown Time:  It takes time to prepare for an event and close up an event. That’s why we offer a 15 minute set-up before your class starts and a 30 minute clean-up after your event ends.

Birth First Doulas Center Details & Amenities

The Birth First Doulas Center is located at 7800 SW Barbur Blvd #3, Portland, OR 97219 and offers all of the following amenities for renters:

  • Extremely easy access just off of the I-5
  • Open floor plan studio/classroom with connecting kitchen which can be used in a variety of ways
  • Large parking lot in front (empty on nights and weekends) with an additional three private spots in the back
  • 2 bathrooms, one with a changing station
  • Lots of windows and natural light
  • Plenty of overhead lighting with dimmers
  • ADA/wheelchair accessibility 
  • Strong, reliable wifi connection
  • Fully stocked classroom:
    √ 4 pull apart/multi use tables that can be moved and arranged in whatever way best serves your event
    √ 24 cushioned folding chairs
    √ 12 plush back jacks
    √ 12 yoga mats
    √ 13 bolsters
    √ 12 blankets
    √ 2 yoga balls
    √ 55 inch big screen TV/monitor
    √ Projector
    √ Disc drive & HDMI cables
    √ Rolling laptop/projector stand
    √ 4ftx6ft wall mounted white board
    √ 3ftx4ft standing mobile white board
    √ Baby dolls, baby blankets, plastic pelvis, knitted uterus, and other teaching tools
    √ Cubes for participants to store shoes and personal belongings
  • Fully stocked kitchen:
    √ Refrigerator
    √ Dishwasher
    √ Stove
    √ Toaster oven
    √ Coffee maker
    √ Electric tea kettle
    √ Small & large plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, silverware, serving & mixing utensils, pots, pans & serving dishes
Birth First Center
Birth First Center
Birth First Center