• June 27, 2021
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

RECORDED CLASS.  During the “4th trimester” you are getting to know your baby. It’s too early to start sleep training but it’s never too soon to start creating a healthy routine to get you and your baby sleeping. This class is taught by sleep trainers from Full Circle Sleep and will teach you all about soothing, natural circadian rhythms, and developmental milestones to help you thrive in these first 4 months. By the end of the class you will know how to establish a foundation of healthy sleep hygiene, be familiar with safe sleep guidelines, and understand what you can do now to create excellent sleep habits that last a lifetime. This class is taught by certified sleep trainers who are also Birth First Doulas.

Fee:  Free for Birth First Doula clients (must still register); $100 for two people

Teachers: Camilla Rae & Atika Hagen

TO REGISTER contact [email protected]