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We take care of the business side so you can do what you love most: teach!

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We Provide The Structure So You Can Focus On The Teaching

As an education center, Birth First takes care of the business side of things so our educators can do what they love most: teach! At BFEC we believe that empowered, stable families begin with knowledge and care.  Our education center offers this to the community by preparing new families with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum education, and by offering training classes and workshops to perinatal professionals supporting families. People are not meant to feel alone in parenthood or in doula work and our educators support both families and professionals in the full spectrum of the early parenting journey from pregnancy, birth and beyond. Check out our class schedule to see what we’re up to!

Our Vision

Birth First Education Center’s vision is to:
  contribute to a world where the dignity and aspirations of birthing people and families are respected and supported
  and where perinatal educators are recognized for their value and encouraged to work from their innate gifts and talents

Our Mission

Birth First Education Center’s mission is to:
 provide perinatal education to growing families
  contribute to positive pregnancies, childbirth and postpartum experiences
  promote birthing people’s rights and autonomy
 nurture the professional experience of educators
  uplift the perinatal profession as a whole

Our Values

Birth First Education Center’s values include:
  non-judgemental support for every family and birth experience
  communicating respectfully and mindfully
  nurturing doulas both professionally and personally
  fostering a spirit of community and abundance

Benefits Of Teaching At The Birth First Education Center


Our lovely classroom is in the upstairs studio at Xenana Spa.


Our name and reputation help fill your class with students.


We market your class on our website and through outreach to the community.


We collect student liability waivers and keep them on record.


We handle student registrations including reschedules.


We collect student payments and handle refund requests.


We have comfortable padded chairs, backjacks, yoga mats, and bolsters.


We have AV & TV equipment and various other teaching tools.


Free street parking is available throughout the neighborhood.

The Birth First Education Center Co-Founders

Brooke Noli, Portland Doula

Brooke Noli


Liz Farmer

Liz Farmer


Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Rebecca Durlin Smith


Becoming An Anti-Oppressive Organization

Racism and white supremacy are forces that have shaped all of us and need to be actively resisted and fought against. At Birth First Doulas, we are committed to becoming an anti-oppressive organization and fighting white supremacy culture in ourselves, others, and the systems with which we engage. We strive to build a more just, compassionate, and equitable workplace that reduces harm and values belonging.

Becoming A Queer Affirming Organization

Birth work and reproductive spaces have been dominated by cis-heteronormative cultures that tend to exclude queer experiences and discriminate against the queer community. Birth First Doulas is dedicated to the affirmation of LGBTQ+ doulas and families to create a community of belonging that honors and celebrates people who identify along the queer spectrum.

Education Center Details & Amenities

The Birth First Education Center is located at 2024 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202 in the upstairs studio at Xenana Spa:

  • Close-in SE Portland for easy access 
  • Open floor plan classroom with connecting kitchen
  • Free street parking
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Lots of windows and natural light
  • Strong, reliable wifi connection
  • Fully stocked classroom:
    √ 2 pull apart/multi use tables that can be moved and arranged in whatever way best serves your class
    √ 24 cushioned folding chairs
    √ 12 plush back jacks
    √ 12 yoga mats
    √ 13 bolsters
    √ 12 blankets
    √ 2 yoga balls
    √ 55 inch big screen TV/monitor
    √ Projector
    √ Disc drive & HDMI cables
    √ 3ft x 4ft standing mobile white board
    √ Baby dolls, baby blankets, plastic pelvis, knitted uterus, and other teaching tools
    √ Cubes for participants to store shoes and personal belongings
    Childbirth Education Classroom

    The Birth First Education Center Prioritizes Safety

    In keeping with public health covid guidelines, we require all adults to wear masks at this time while in the center and we limit the number of registrants for each class.

    A Collaborative Community Based Model

    We encourage our teachers to take an active role in our offerings. If you have a creative idea for a class or workshop that would enrich the lives of families or birth professionals, we would love to hear it!

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