Meet Our Vancouver Doulas

While all Birth First Doulas attend births in both Portland and Vancouver, several of our doulas live in Vancouver and especially enjoy supporting families in that area. All of our birth doulas have completed certified trainings and we pride ourselves on creating an affirming space for every family style and configuration. Fees vary based on the doula’s experience level, number of births attended, and additional services offered.

Doula Team
Doula Team
Heather Ward, Portland Doula

Heather Ward

Birth & Postpartum Doula (she/her)

Growing your family truly takes a village of compassionate, knowledgable and supportive people. My passion is being a part of that village as an experienced birth and postpartum doula! In this journey, we will explore your needs, dreams, and values. I have been a birth doula since 2003 and attended over 500+ births and I have been a postpartum doula since 2007.

Rebecca Durlin Smith, Birth First Doulas

Ashley Fryer

Postpartum Doula (she/her)

I often describe working with me like working with your big sister’s cool friend – there’s not much you could say that would shock me, I know all the best secrets, and I don’t bring any of the baggage your actual sister might. My sense of humor is dry and my approach is spiritually grounded and empathic. My intention is to provide families with the space and support to grow in the unique way that is right for them.

Sarah-Denise Elolaimi, Portland Doula

Sarah-Denise Elolaimi

Birth Doula (she/her)

I am the oldest of eight children and have witnessed birth since the age of nine. I am a mother of three and come from a Palestinian American background. I am partly bilingual, speaking Arabic and English, and I’ve spent my life traveling to and from the Middle East. I take great pride in working with the BIPOC community and firmly believe that knowledge is power.

Krissie Oliver, Vancouver Doula

Krissie Oliver

Birth Doula (she/her)

My goal is for each client to feel supported in their personal experience, recognizing that each labor journey has its own unique path to birth. My background in massage therapy allows me to offer soothing comfort touch to clients and hold space for the emotional components that may arise. I also truly enjoy sharing resources and handouts to help clients learn as much as they may want.

Autumn Davidson, Birth Doula

Autumn Davidson

Birth Doula (she/her)

My goal as your doula is to help you attempt the birth story of your dreams, give you the information you need to advocate for yourself, and assist you during labor to find the experience that was meant for you. I would love to be in your corner and support you in any way that helps you feel cared for, respected, and seen. Together, we will tailor your experience so that you receive exactly the care you’re looking for.

Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

Hiring a Birth First Doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy and birth journey. From our very first introduction, she made us feel so comfortable. As we began working with our doula, she was incredible at making me feel supported and empowered during our discussions leading up to labor. Also, she was great at making my husband feel included in the entire process. She answered my questions and concerns with evidence-based research and made several helpful suggestions about natural ways to get baby and myself ready for labor. I have no doubt that the relationship we had built over the several weeks leading up to my delivery was the key to our amazing birth experience.

Eva, Portland, Oregon

5 Google stars could not possibly represent the value that our Birth First Doula has brought to our life. This was our first child so we had some normal new parent anxiety but we also just recently moved to Portland and have no other family support here. Our doula provided unfathomable levels of expertise and support to our journey that made what could have been one of the most stressful things ever, one of the most beautiful and timeless experiences we could imagine. She truly goes ALL IN with her clients in the most genuine and supportive way possible. My wife said that it was like having a second mom for her at the birth, and she felt sooooooo taken care of during the birth process.

Alex, Portland, Oregon

I knew that hiring a doula was the right decision for me and my family, and based on the reviews I saw, I decided to turn to Birth First. I’m so glad I did. I was looking forward to a birth with as few interventions as possible, and our doula helped me achieve that. From the moment she walked into the delivery room, she was a calm, knowledgeable, confident presence. She effortlessly partnered with the medical staff while ensuring that my and my husband’s needs and preferences were met. She always read the room remarkably well. I’m 100% certain that the reason I was able to pursue an unmedicated birth was due to our doula’s support. I’m so glad Birth First was a part of my family’s birth story.

Jennifer, Portland, Oregon