Meet Our Vancouver, WA Doulas

Birth First has some of the most experienced doulas in Vancouver, Washington and we pride ourselves on creating an affirming space for every family style and configuration. All of our Birth First Doulas have completed certified trainings and were individually selected for their quality services. Fees vary based on the Vancouver doula’s experience level, number of births attended, and additional services offered.

Vancouver, WA Doula - Crystal Broer

Crystal Broer (she/her)

As a doula, my goal is to be a calm and informed presence in the room providing comfort not only to the birthing person but also to the loved ones supporting the birth experience. My overarching intention as a doula is to ensure the memory of birth is positive and cherished and that it can be looked back on fondly for a lifetime.

Vancouver, WA Doula - Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson (she/her)

My experiences have taught me that birth can at times feel overwhelming and as such I take a very calm and quiet approach to birth work. My job is to help untangle all that complexity, unjumble those words, and really help you understand what it is that you are navigating. I will be many things for you on this journey – an educator, a cheerleader, an advocate.

Vancouver, WA Doula - Teal Brady

Teal Brady (she/her)

Pregnancy and the birth process fascinate me in all its multifaceted nature. Giving birth is life altering and I believe every birthing person should have a positive birth experience however they envision it. The joy in my work is building relationships with clients and meeting them where they are, with an open heart and mind. I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of your birth experience.

Whatever The Situation,
Birth First Doulas Can Help

We offer Full Doula Packages & Half Doula Packages in Vancouver, Washington to fit each family’s needs, goals, and budget. All Birth First Doulas are highly trained, enjoy working collaboratively with medical providers, and support a variety of labor and birth experiences including: unmedicated births, water births, epidural assisted births, vaginal births after cesarean section (VBAC), complex or high risk births, IVF births, twins and multiples births, and cesarean births.