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Looking for the convenience of online birthing and parenting classes? We offer a variety of online classes via Zoom that are engaging and fun!

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Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Online Hands-On Birth Preparation Class

Online Birthing Class

This 4.5 hour labor preparation class is an excellent way to prepare for your upcoming childbirth experience. In this birth class we will cover the basics of birth anatomy, the hormones of birth, the stages of labor and what to expect, as well as how to support your mind, body, and heart through the journey. We will introduce and practice comfort and coping techniques as well as labor positions, and you and your support person will have a chance to practice together. When you finish this class, you and your support person will walk away understanding the stages of labor and which coping strategies and positions will be helpful, as well as having a good understanding of what additional tools will be available to you at your birth location.

*Price is for two people.
*Space is limited to 12 couples.   

Teacher: Birth First Educators

Location: Zoom

Fee: $175 for 2 people

Online HypnoBirthing 5 Week Series

Online Birthing Class

This 5 week HypnoBirthing class covers all the basics of a birthing class plus so much more! It is a natural and instinctive approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing. You and your partner will learn deep relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations, as well as the stages of labor and general childbirth education. You will learn to use your intuition in birth and be able to make informed decisions regarding your birth.

Charmaine Hamp Carino has been a certified HypnoBirthing®/ Coach and Doula for over 10 years. She is also a Prenatal Yoga/Meditation Instructor and the founder of Love Alchemy Life Coaching. Charmaine believes everything begins with birth, which is why it is so important to be prepared for one of the most important opportunities of our lives. Her passion about birth and teaching has inspired many students to become HypnoBirthing instructors themselves.

* Price is for two people.
* Materials are included (print book, workbook, and digital audio files).
* Space is limited to 8 couples.

Teacher: Charmaine Hamp Carino

Location: Zoom

Fee: $400 for 2 people

Online Birthing From Within 5 Week Series

Online Birthing Class

This five week series weaves together scientific knowledge and concrete coping techniques with heart-centered, creative exploration to holistically inform and authentically prepare you and your partner for the transformative and often winding path of birth. This course is based on the Birthing from Within philosophy and is best taken at the end of your second trimester or any time during your third trimester.

Christine D’Esposito (she/her) is a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator with over eighteen years of experience in the field of birth work. She first discovered Birthing From Within in 2003 at her first doula training. It was the concept of honoring birth as a rite of passage and a transformational experience for everyone involved that spoke to her most. Christine’s classes are taught through an inclusive and trauma-informed lens.

*Price is for two people.
*Space is limited to 8 couples.

Teacher: Christine D’Esposito

Location: Zoom

Fee: $400 for two people

Baby Developmental Milestones, 0-6 Months

FREE Online Parenting Webinar

Join Emily Spaeth, a neonatal physical therapist with a whole lot of other tools in her tool bag as she guides you through the stages of fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, sensory, and feeding milestones for the first 6 months of development! Set your baby up for success in their environment with gentle reminders to do with your baby, rather than doing to when fostering development.

*This is a FREE Zoom event.
*Registration is required to attend.

Teacher: Dr. Emily Spaeth

Location: Zoom

Fee: Free!

Do I Even Need Lactation Support? Come And Find Out

FREE Online Pregnancy & Parenting Event

This is a chance for you to meet with Lactation Consultants, Ashley Treadwell & Koali Blumer-Buell, to find out what lactation support is all about, and why you might want to work with a lactation consultant. There will be a slideshow and time for questions. Join us!

*This is a FREE Zoom event
*Registration is required to attend.

Teacher: Ashley Trteadwell & Koali Blumer-Bell, IBCLCs

Location: Zoom

Fee: Free!

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