Placenta Encapsulation in Portland

What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting one’s own placenta after birth in order to make use of its medicinal benefits. The most common method of ingesting placenta medicine is having a professional make it into capsules that can be easily swallowed.

Why Ingest Your Placenta?

Almost every mammal ingests their own placenta after giving birth, sometimes even ignoring their young until the placenta has been completely consumed. The big question is why do mammals take the time to do this? Some believe that it is to eradicate the scent of the afterbirth in an effort to avoid attracting scavengers and predators who might be nearby, but if that were the only reason it seems like the safest action might be to move offspring away from the afterbirth as quickly as possible. Probably at least part of the reason mammals take the time to consume their placentas is the fact that they are extremely nutrient rich organs that provide essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and hormones needed to recover from birth and care for offspring.

Human placentas are high in iron, protein, vitamin B6, and hormones that replenish the body and restore and balance hormonal fluctuations after childbirth. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used placenta (Ze He Che) for thousands of years to augment the body’s “Qi” (life-force energy), and nourish the body’s “Essence.” Encapsulating your placenta is the easiest (and most tasteless) way to consume this powerful remedy.

Placenta Encapsulation, Portland OR

What Are The Benefits Of Placenta Encapsulation?

While Chinese medicine has used placentas for centuries, no large-scale scientific studies have been conducted to determine its effectiveness. The benefits of consuming one’s own placenta have mostly come from small studies and lots of anecdotal reports from people who have experienced it. Here is a list of commonly reported benefits:
√ Balances hormones
√ Combats fatigue
√ Restores iron levels
√ Increases your immunity
√ Increases your energy
√ Increases oxytocin and bonding
√ Decreases stress hormones
√ Enhances milk production
√ Decreases stress hormones
√ Enhances milk production
√ Stabilizes mood and emotions
√ Reduces postpartum bleeding

How Are Placenta Pills Made?

To prepare a placenta for encapsulation, it is refrigerated and then processed within 1-3 days after the birth. The placenta is cleaned, steamed, and then it is cut into pieces and dehydrated. Once the placenta is finished dehydrating, it is ground into a fine powder using a food processor and placed into capsules that can be easily swallowed. Depending on the size of the placenta it will yield anywhere from 80-200 capsules.

Where Can I Get My Placenta Encapsulated in Portland?

Birth First Doulas does not offer placenta encapsulation as part of our services, but we are affiliated with Portland Professional Birth Services, Portland’s most trusted placenta processing company.

Placenta Encapsulation, Portland OR