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A career as a doula is some of the most rewarding work you’ll ever do, but there are challenges unique to birth work that we feel are best supported within a loving community.

Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon

We Provide The Structure So You Can Focus On The Clients!

Birth First Portland Doulas takes care of the business side of things and generates client leads so our doulas can do what they love most: care for their clients! Doulas who join the Birth First team sign on as Independent Contractors and enjoy the independence and flexibility that accompanies this status while also reaping the benefits of a supportive structured community and steady stream of clients. Birth First believes in supporting doulas by encouraging each doula to create a meaningful business that honors their values and accommodates their lifestyle. Our Birth First Doulas community in Portland, Oregon is committed to fostering sustainability, success, belonging, and joy through promoting, mentoring, and inspiring the doulas on our team. We invest our time and resources into marketing, matchmaking, securing clients, contracts, back-end systems, mentoring, community building, classes, and a brick and mortar space so you can invest in your clients and career. If you are looking for a birth doula job in the Portland or Vancouver areas, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Vision

​​Birth First Doula’s vision is to contribute to a world where the dignity and aspirations of birthing people and families are respected and supported and where doulas are recognized for their value and encouraged to work from their innate gifts and talents.

Our Mission

Birth First Doulas’ mission is to provide professional doula services to growing families, contribute to positive childbirth experiences, promote the rights and autonomy of birthing people, nurture the professional experience and continuing education of doulas, and uplift the doula profession as a whole.

Our Values

Birth First Doulas’ values include non-judgemental support for every family and birth experience, communicating respectfully and mindfully, nurturing doulas both professionally and personally, and fostering a spirit of community and abundance.

Benefits Of Joining The Birth First Team


Enjoy a steady stream of clients to interview with and choose how busy you want to be.


Your bio on the BFD website and affiliation with our name, logo, reputation, and credibility.


BFD handles client contracts and money collection so you can focus on your client relationships.


Our built-in network of back-up doulas is always available so you’re covered if ever back-up is needed.


Monthly team meetings to foster connection and camaraderie with like-minded doulas.


We have a brick and mortar space in SW Portland for perinatal events, education, and gatherings.


You still run your own business, take work outside BFD, and schedule your off-call time.


6-month mentoring program for doulas who want it and monthly birth processing opportunities.


Clients get our entire line-up of childbirth education and newborn classes for free.

Becoming An Anti-Oppressive Organization

Racism and white supremacy are forces that have shaped all of us and need to be actively resisted and fought against. At Birth First Doulas, we are committed to becoming an anti-oppressive organization and fighting white supremacy culture in ourselves, others, and the systems with which we engage. We strive to build a more just, compassionate, and equitable workplace that reduces harm and values belonging.

Becoming A Queer Affirming Organization

Birth work and reproductive spaces have been dominated by cis-heteronormative cultures that tend to exclude queer experiences and discriminate against the queer community. Birth First Doulas is dedicated to the affirmation of LGBTQ+ doulas and families to create a community of belonging that honors and celebrates people who identify along the queer spectrum.

The Co-Founders

We are Brooke & Rebecca and as the co-founders of Birth First Portland Doulas, we have a lot of experience to share! Together, we have 30 years of combined doula experience, have attended over 900 births, and trained and mentored scores of doulas through MotherTree and Birthingway College of Midwifery. In addition to being doulas, Brooke was trained as a home birth midwife and has been a marriage and family therapist since 2006, and Rebecca is a placenta processor, childbirth educator, and former prenatal yoga teacher. We’ve practiced this profession in a variety of ways including working as solo doulas in private practice, working together as a doula team, working within a doula collective, and working in a doula agency. Our vision in opening Birth First Doulas was to help newer doulas bridge the gaps between their training and establishing a thriving practice, as well as creating a supportive home for more experienced doulas who want to be part of a nurturing team. Our greatest hope is to help make the doula professional a more sustainable career by offering doulas a steady stream of clients, providing opportunities for mentoring and hive-mind collaboration, and fostering a supportive atmosphere of community and belonging. If you are curious about potentially working with us, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

Rebecca Durlin Smith & Brooke Noli, Birth First Doulas

“I have had the pleasure of bearing witness to the creation that is Birth First Doulas. Brooke and Rebecca’s vision for BFD drew my attention from the beginning and it didn’t take long before I could resist no longer. Being in community with BFD feels like home. I am someone who has lots of questions, thoughts, opinions and at BFD I never have to wonder how they will be received. Not only are they welcomed but I always walk away feeling heard. Knowing that Brooke and Rebecca have the business end of things handled allows me to be fully present in the experience with clients. This is a true gift as I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, I simply want to be with clients as they grow their families.”

– Crystal Broer, Birth First Doula

“Being a doula with Birth First is by far one of my most rewarding experiences. In this incredible community that Brooke and Rebecca have so intentionally crafted, I feel held, nourished, and valued. The support and mentorship from the co-founders have been an imperative piece to stepping into this work as a full-time doula with confidence. Also, I know that if I have questions or find myself stuck in any way, I can reach out to the team of  Birth First Doulas and, with a hive mind and an abundance of care, find what I need to move forward. I am excited to continue my work with Birth First and the amazing clients I have the opportunity to serve.”

– Trina Baumgartner, Birth First Doula

“Best decision I made as a doula was to be part of Birth First Doulas. I’m inspired by our community of birth workers and always feel supported. I love being part of the BFD team!

– Kathy McLean, Birth First Doula


“Being a part of Birth First Doulas allows me to lean on on my built-in doula community if there are questions or concerns that I have. Also, I feel so respected and held by both Brooke and Rebecca and know that I can go to them for anything and be supported. I was always looking for my doula community, and I know that I’ve found it with Birth First Doulas.

– Liz Haebe, Birth First Doula

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