Postpartum Doulas

In Portland

Imagine having a skilled and trusted professional in your home to care for your baby while you sleep, or to provide lactation support when your baby has difficulty latching on, or simply to answer the question “Is this normal?” That’s exactly what our postpartum doula services in Portland, Oregon will give you, and so much more! Sounds amazing, right? You really don’t have to do this alone.

Parent holding newborn baby
Parent holding newborn baby

Day or night, for a few days or months, we help you rest, recover, and bond with your baby!

Our Birth First Portland doulas understand that the early days and months with an infant can be overwhelming. Our postpartum doula services in Portland, Oregon provide judgement-free support based on up-to-date evidence that supports your family culture and parenting philosophy. Just as caring and professional as our birth doulas, the presence of a calm and compassionate postpartum doula will affirm your parenting instincts, bolster your confidence, and meet your needs for connection, education, sleep, and self-care. You’re just a few easy steps away from feeling cared for, supported, and confident!

Step 1

Tell us about your needs and decide on a postpartum package that fits your family.

Step 2

Get matched with amazing postpartum doulas and schedule your visits.

Step 3

Get support so you and your partner can rest, recover, and enjoy your baby.

What are the benefits of postpartum doula services?

Faster Healing

Postpartum doulas encourage rest, nutrition, and healing techniques to help your body recover from birth.

More Sleep

Postpartum doulas help everyone, including your baby, to get more sleep so you can be your best selves.

Family Bonding

Postpartum doulas encourage family bonding in a variety of ways that help you respond to your baby’s needs. 

Feeding Support

Postpartum doulas support all feeding methods: lactation, pumping, bottle feeding, and formula feeding.

Less Stress

Postpartum doulas help reduce stress by assisting with household chores, newborn care, and baby soothing.

More Confidence

Postpartum doulas are cheerleaders who bolster confidence in your ability to care for your baby.

Emotional Wellbeing

Postpartum doulas help decrease feelings of isolation and rates of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Personalized Care

Postpartum doulas really listen and offer care that is tailored to the specific needs of your family.

Peace Of Mind

Postpartum doulas are trusted confidants who you can rely on to provide evidenced based information. 

How Much Does A Postpartum Doula Cost?

Packages & Discounts

New parent nursing baby

Welcome Home Package

2 Five-Hour Day Visits
2 Ten-Hour Overnights

30 hours for $1,740

Also Includes:
+ $50 Off Any Of Our Classes
+ Discounts On Local Services

Postpartum doula cooking with baby in carrier

Helping Hands Package

5 Four-Hour Day Visits
5 Eight-Hour Overnights

60 hours for $3,480

Also Includes:
+ $50 Off Any Of Our Classes
+ Discounts On Local Services

Postpartum doula babywearing a sleeping infant

Sweet Dreams Package

 5 Four-Hour Day Visits
10 Ten-Hour Overnights

120 hours for $6,960

Also Includes:
+ $50 Off Any Of Our Classes
+ Discounts On Local Services

Build Your Own Package

Not seeing the package you’re looking for?
No problem, you can build your own

Day Visits – $58 Per Hour (Four Hour Minimum)
Overnight Visits – $58 Per Hour (Eight Hour Minimum)
Multiples – Add $5 Per Hour

*Unless you also hire a birth doula, we require a minimum of 30 postpartum hours.

 Discounts & Payments

• Receive a $100 discount when you purchase a Birth Doula Package and a Postpartum Package of 100 hours or more.
• Payment plans are available upon request.
• We accept Carrot Benefits and HSA/FSA payments.
• Payment options include:
– ACH/e-check bank transfer (no fee)
– Credit or debit card (with a 3% fee added)

What’s The Difference Between A Day & Night Visit?

The role of a postpartum doula is fluid and changes from family to family, day to day, hour to hour depending on your family’s needs. We will meet you and your family wherever you’re at in the moment, but here is a snapshot of what a typical day visit and overnight visit can look like:

Day Doula Visit

– Run an errand for you on the way to your home.
– Get an update upon arrival and establish goals for the day.
– Discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding recovery, newborn care, feeding, sibling adjustment, etc.
– Care for the baby so you can nap, shower, spend time with your older child, do some work, or just take a break.
– Offer support and guidance with feeding challenges.
– Assist you with bathing the baby or clipping their nails.
– Load the dishwasher and sanitize bottles and pump parts.
– Prepare some healthy snacks or a meal.
– Provide a written timeline of the baby’s activities and the care provided.

Night Doula Visit

– Get an update upon arrival and establish your goals for the night.
– Discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding newborn care, newborn sleep, feeding, etc.
– Create a plan for feeding the baby in the night to maximize your ability to sleep, which may include at least one feeding with a bottle, finger syringe, or cup.
– Hold and soothe the baby as needed throughout the night.
– Do a load of baby laundry and sweep the kitchen floor.
– Prepare a nutritious breakfast for you to enjoy when you wake up in the morning.
– Provide a written timeline of the baby’s activities and the care provided through the night.

Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

I cannot overstate how vital Birth First Doulas was to our family’s birth and postpartum journey. Having the doula at my birth have me a sense of confidence and safety. After the birth, I cannot express how critical the night support was. It really saved my family in the early days and I’m so grateful. All of the doulas were absolute angels. It’s not easy to trust a stranger to care for your newborn overnight, but they really put my mind and heart at ease.

Erin, Portland, Oregon

We feel so lucky to have had a Birth First birth and postpartum doula. Our doula was a kind, warm presence and a wealth of baby information. She was an integral part of creating a beautiful and empowering first-time birth experience. Postpartum she gently guided us through our first couple months with our daughter – we trusted her completely and working with Birth First was very smooth and a pleasure overall!

Amelia, Portland, Oregon

We are first time parents and weren’t sure if we would need or what we would do with a postpartum doula. But we are so glad we planned ahead. Our doula was so very kind and wonderful. She took care of the baby for several nights and we were able to sleep and get rest. Our doula was flexible with hours and she also helped with several chores on the nights she came over to help. We had a really great experience.

Shruti, Portland, Oregon