Premier Doula Package

Get everything you want in one convenient package from Portland’s best doulas! THIS LUXURY DOULA PACKAGE INCLUDES EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW.

Premiere Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Birth & Parenting Classes, Portland Oregon

6 Birth & Newborn Classes

This comprehensive series of six classes taught by Birth First Doulas and Bridgetown Baby will prepare you and your partner for all you need to know about labor, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. Classes are offered in a variety of formats and include the following topics:
~ Hands-On Birth Preparation Class (in-person)
~ Stages Of Labor Crash Course (recorded on-demand)
~ Labor & Birth Comfort Techniques (recorded on-demand)
~ Live Q&A Sessions (live on Zoom)
~ Newborn Care 101 (recorded on-demand)
~ Newborn Feeding Basics (recorded on-demand)

Birth Doula Services

Research shows that people who receive doula support during labor are less likely to receive unnecessary medical interventions and are more satisfied with their birth experience. Our birth doula services include:
~ Tailored matchmaking and interviews to find your perfect doula fit
~ 2-4 prenatal visits (in-person and/or virtual) and help creating a “birth plan”
~ 24/7 on-call services starting at 37 weeks
~ In-home early labor support and help deciding when to go to the hospital
~ Hands-on comfort techniques during active labor and advocacy as needed
~ Breaks for your partner and photos of the day your baby is born
~ Immediate postpartum and lactation support after birth
~ 1-2 postpartum visits (in-person and/or virtual) for birth processing and answering postpartum and newborn questions

Doula Consultation Package, Portland Oregon
Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon

4 Overnight Postpartum Doula Visits

Research shows that families who get regular sleep after birth heal faster, are more resilient, and are better able to thrive in the postpartum. Bridgetown Baby’s postpartum doulas will help you stay in bed longer during the night and maximize your chances of rest and sleep. These 9-hour overnight visits include:
~ Expert care for your baby through the night so you can get some sleep
~ Answering newborn care, infant feeding, and postpartum recovery questions
~ Cleaning the kitchen
~ Helping with laundry
~ Cooking a hot nutritious breakfast for you to wake up to

Newborn Feeding Consult

This 90 minute prenatal consult (in-person and/or virtual) with a Bridgetown Baby International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) provides a primer on what to expect with infant feeding and covers the following topics:
~ How milk production works and the anatomy and physiology involved
~ What to expect with breast/chest feeding and newborn feeding schedules
~ Equipment that you will need or want to have at home
~ How to get started with an excellent milk supply
~ Information about bottle feeding and supplementation
~ Breast health intake for specific concerns or known conditions
~ Can be tailored to fit your needs and answer your specific questions

Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon

2 Lactation Consultant Visits

Two comprehensive visits (in-home or virtual) after your baby is born with one of Bridgetown Baby’s experienced IBCLCs. The initial 90 minute consult and the 60 minute follow-up visit are tailored to your specific needs or challenges and include the following:
~ Get all your questions answered from a newborn feeding expert
~ Review your birth and health history
~ Observe a feeding and make suggestions for positions, latch, etc.
~ Baby weight check and measuring milk transfer
~ Help with knowing how to use feeding equipment (breast pump, bottles, etc.)
~ Creating a personalized care plan that addresses your family’s unique needs

8 Prenatal & Postpartum Massages

All of the licensed massage therapists at Xenana Spa have specialized training in Prenatal and Postpartum Massage to expertly address the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum bodies. These eight 60 minute massages can be used at any point during pregnancy or postpartum and can also be enjoyed by your partner:
~ Specifically designed cushions for safe and comfortable positioning during pregnancy
~Prenatal Massages relieve common discomforts including back pain, sore hips, and congestion in the extremities for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth
~ Nurture Massages for the postpartum (or for partners) promote healing, relaxation, restoration, and getting your nervous system back to baseline

Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Premier Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Nurturing Circles For Growing Families

These support groups offer a soft place for new parents and pregnant people to land and be in community with one another. Circles take place on Zoom and are offered twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Groups are facilitated by professional postpartum doulas, birth doulas, lactation consultants, and sleep consultants. People can bring whatever topic interests them including, but not limited to:
~ Pregnancy and birth-related questions
~ Postpartum recovery, newborn care, and infant feeding questions
~ Self care and the transition into parenthood
~ Introducing a new sibling into the family
~ And much more!

Your Investment In The Premier Doula Package: $5500 ($6000 value)