Favorite Resourcesin Portland, Oregon

Portland has a rich community of providers who specialize in working with the unique needs of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, newborns, and children. We’ve pulled together a list of all our favorites to share with you!

Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon
Half Doula Package, Portland Oregon

Mississippi Health Center, N Portland
Portland Acupuncture Studio, NW Portland
Portland Pediatric Acupuncture, SE Portland
Solstice Natural Health, SW Portland
Vela Wellness, North Portland/St. John’s


Aiyana Counseling, SW Portland
Brooke Noli Counseling, NE Portland
Family Ties Counseling, SW Portland
Parker Shames Counseling, SW Portland


Alice Palmeri, SE Portland
Blooming Moon Spa, N Portland
Xenana Spa, SE Portland


Grounded Hearts Photography, N Portland
Natalie Broders Photography, N Portland
Oak & Badger, Portland
Rushes & Waves, Portland
She Saw Things, SE Portland
Sommessa Photography
, SE Portland



Family Roots Chiropractic, NE Portland
Jade Chiropractic, SE & N Portland
Jewell Chiropractic
, N Portland
Korin Rasmussen, SE Portland
Luna Wellness, NE Portland


Bridgetown Baby Lactation, SW Portland
Cascadia Lactation, SW Portland
Kindred Mother Care, NE Portland
Luna Lactation, NW Portland
Natural Latch, SE Portland


Coyote Midwifery, SE Portland
Glow Midwifery, SE Portland
Hearth & Home Midwifery, SE Portland & Hood River
Milk & Honey Midwifery, NE Portland
Nest Midwifery, NE Portland
Unfurling Birth, SE Portland


Angela Potter, NE Portland
Jennifer Gibbons, SE Portland
Mary Grabowska, NE Portland
Sara Ohgushi, NE Portland


Liz Farmer NE Portland

Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

My wife and I had no idea how essential a doula would be when we engaged Birth First Doulas to help with the birth of our first child. My wife particularly appreciated their thoughtful questions in advance to prepare us, their empowerment with making our own decisions in the moment that felt right for us, and how they helped me and my wife’s mom best assist her during the labor. We are SO THANKFUL we ended up finding them. Having a doula who we knew well and trusted with us throughout the entire birth experience made a huge difference. And having the doula visit us after, to debrief the birth experience and answer post–birth questions, was much more helpful and meaningful than I expected. And when my wife needed additional postpartum support, our doula spent a lot of time listening and sharing useful information and resources. As you can tell, we cannot recommend Birth First more highly!!

Justin, SE Portland, Oregon

As my husband and I anticipated our second baby, we knew we wanted to hire a doula. After interviewing with Birth First Doulas, we were confident that the doula we chose would support us in our choices and provide the informed, gentle and direct coaching I wanted during delivery. I wanted as little medical intervention during my delivery as possible, but ended up needing to induce by breaking my bag of waters. My doula coached me though the next hour of intense labor in the tub – and then my baby was born! It couldn’t have been more magical (or more dramatic!) to have my son come out that fast. Thank you Birth First Doulas for partnering with my husband and me on our journey to becoming parents again! Your experience, breadth of knowledge, supportive presence and advocacy for my desire to have a natural delivery all made the birthing experience wonderful.

Susanna, Portland, Oregon

I hired a Birth First Doula in my third trimester, mid-move from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon and she was a perfect fit for our family. She supported me through my third trimester emotions, navigating providers in a new city, and my specific needs as a mother who had gone through loss. The birth itself was fast but so peaceful – our doula’s professional but warm relationship with my midwives set the tone for a beautiful birth, which I do not take for granted. Despite having done this four times before, my doula handheld me and my husband for the first few hours then left us at the perfect time – she really earned my trust. Birth First Doulas is so rooted in Portland and it is a world class agency! Watching Birth First Doulas grow, I’ve seen their commitment to a birthing person’s choices and family centered care. I couldn’t recommend them with more enthusiasm.

Megan, Beaverton, Oregon