The Birth Doula


Our Birth Doula Package is everything you could hope for and then some! People just get more with Birth First Doulas. See what’s included in our doula package below.

Birth Doula Package
Birth Doula Package

Items Included In Our Birth Doula Package:

Package starts at $1,400!

Free Matchmaking

Our matchmaker will answer all your questions and provide tailored matchmaking so you and your partner can narrow down the options and interview with doulas who are likely to be a good match.

Free Interviews

Most people interview two or three of our doulas to discuss get a feel for each doula, discuss their services and style, and determine which connection feels like the best fit for your family.

Prenatal Visits

A trusting relationship is the foundation of doula care. Prenatal visits are offered in-person and/or virtually and provide opportunities to discuss your hopes and goals and create a real connection.

Ongoing Contact

Your doula is available via text, email, phone, and video as needed throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. It’s reassuring to know that when you reach out, your doula will be there for you.

Childbirth Classes

Birth First clients get free and discounted access to our birth and newborn classes so that you and your partner can prepare for your childbirth journey and feel more confident!

On-Call Services

Being on-call means that once you reach 37 weeks, your doula has her cell phone on at all times and she’ll answer her phone 24/7. It’s so reassuring to know that your doula is just a text or call away.


Our team of doulas provides a wide net of backup in the unlikely event that your doula happens to be ill when you go into labor. You and your partner are sure to have all the support you need!

Home Support

If you want to labor in the comfort of your own home and avoid going to the hospital too soon, your doula’s presence can be especially reassuring and helpful in determining when to go in.

Labor Support

During labor, your doula provides hands-on comfort and progression techniques, mental and emotional encouragement, advocacy in the medical setting, breaks for your partner, and much more!


Your doula can help capture memorable moments of the day your baby was born by taking photos or videos to ensure your family has priceless images that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Breastfeeding Help

After the birth, your doula stays with you for 1-3 hours to assist with breastfeeding and recovery, encourage family bonding, and remind pediatric staff of your newborn choices.

Postpartum Visits

Your doula will provide in-home postpartum visits to help process the birth experience, answer newborn questions, review your recovery, and discuss whatever is on your heart and mind.


Your doula is available for six weeks after delivery for informational support by phone, email, or text to help answer any questions and provide excellent local resources that can help your family to thrive!

Parenting Circles

These non-judgemental support groups are offered every week both pregnant people and new parents. These groups are facilitated by birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and lactation consultants.

Discounted Services

Birth First clients receive special discounts on services offered by some of the best and most respected prenatal and postpartum practitioners in town, including postpartum doulas, massage, and much more!

What Does A Doula Actually Do At A Birth?

•  We answer questions and provide reassurance.

•  We show you all the ways a birth ball can be your friend.

•  We squeeze aching hips and apply counter-pressure to sore backs

•  We encourage partners to bring on the love.

•  We help you stay in the moment and take it one contraction at a time.

•  We fill the tub and get the shower ready.

•  We laugh at your jokes and make some of our own.

•  We encourage, encourage, encourage.

    •  We hold hands, ease fears, and normalize the birth process.

    •  If you “hit a wall,” we help you climb right on over it.

    •  We slow down communication with medical providers and ask important questions.

    •  We respect any and all decisions you make (no judgment anywhere).

      •  We remind the hospital staff of your hopes and preferences.

      •  We guide you on how to use your breath during contractions.

      •  We listen with compassion to what you and your partner are feeling.

      •  We massage your shoulders and help you release tension.

        •  We suggest positions that help labor progress.

        •  We put heating pads and ice packs where you want them most.

        •  We dig into acupressure points and give awesome foot rubs.

        •  We check in with you to see what’s working and what’s not.

          •  We quench dry mouths and feed hungry tummies.

          •  We help create a positive birth atmosphere.

          •  We make sure you know about the risks and benefits of medical procedures.

          •  We provide evidence-based information so you can make informed choices.

            •  We strive to help you reach your hopes and goals for birth.

            •  We know our way around a hospital room and can find things quick.

            •  If you’re using a particular childbirth preparation method, we use it too.

            •  We let you know about potential alternatives to medical interventions.

            •  If something doesn’t go as planned, we help you ease into and accept this change.

            •  We offer partners much-needed breaks.

            •  We mop sweaty brows with cool wet towels.

            •  We dim lights, get warm blankets, and hush beeping machines.

            •  We use optimal fetal positioning to get babies into a good spot.

            •  We offer soothing words and visualizations to help you sink in.

            •  We suggest a variety of positions for the pushing phase.

            •  We take photos to capture memories of this life-changing event.

            •  We stay up all night until your baby is born.

            “Continuous support from a doula during childbirth is associated with:
            • a decreased use of pain relief medication during labor
            • a decreased incidence of C-sections
            • a decrease in the length of labor
            • a decrease in negative childbirth experiences.”

            – Dr. Yvonne Butler Tobah, Mayo Clinic

            Kind Words From Our Lovely Clients

            I highly recommend Birth First Doulas! They took the time to have a phone interview with me to listen to my story and needs before suggesting a few amazing doulas they thought would be a good fit. This step showed me Birth First goes above and beyond for their clients right from the start. The doula we chose is truly exceptional! It was important to me to find someone who knows their stuff, but who can also keep it real, and that is exactly what I found. Both my husband and I felt completely comfortable with our doula as she supported us in our prenatal journey, throughout labor, and beyond. I felt informed and in control every step of the way with her by my side, and I know she helped my husband become a more empowered birth partner.

            Kaitlyn, Portland, Oregon

            The best decision we made in our pregnancy journey was to hire a Birth First Doula. I had no idea if I would like having or need a doula, but after we had our baby girl, I continue to tell my friends and family it was invaluable. I wanted a medication-free birth and our birth doula helped me achieve my goal with grace and strength throughout the entire process. I didn’t think I could do it once active labor got going, but with her strength and assistance our vision became reality. I’m so glad we had an advocate once in the hospital and she also helped my husband stay calm and cool as he was a nervous first-time dad. Our Birth First Doula helped us achieve the most beautiful birth experience we could have ever imagined. Thank you!

            Jessica, Portland, Oregon

            “Our doula and the entire Birth First Doula team were amazing and we couldn’t imagine having our baby without all of their help. Our doula was always there for us before, during, and after the birth, and her calming, trusting, flexible and always listening style, coupled with her wealth of knowledge and responsiveness was a tremendous help. She was a key person on our birth team and truly instrumental during the entire birth journey. She went above and beyond, and we are so grateful! Birth First Doula was very professional and prompt, and the classes that came with the Doula package were very insightful. Thank you Birth First Doulas for all the support. Would definitely highly recommend!

            Sara, Portland, Oregon